Confident of their knowledge and expertise of technology

I can highly recommend The IT Men for their professionalism, and I am confident of  their knowledge and expertise of technology.
This is a relief for my company, as it takes the pressure off my naivety, enabling me to concentrate on developing our business strategy.

The IT Men are friendly, down to earth and explain in layman’s terms any issues that arise.

The IT Men go above and beyond to sort any issues as soon as practicable.

Edgar Allen MP Ltd
01909 561533

Helped us with networking, hardware and provided telephone support

We have been using The IT Men as IT support for nearly 20 years now and have found them to be an invaluable IT resource. They have helped us with networking, hardware, set up and provided telephone support which has proved vital for a small company with no dedicated IT department.

They provide a friendly service and their assistance in setting up VPN’s to allow us to all work remotely meant we could send everyone home with full system access in the nick of time for lockdown.

Matthew Martin
Smith Greenfield Services PLC
0208 603 3730

Advised us on security issues, which are essential in order to protect the day to day running of our business

We have used the services of The IT Men since 2003, when they installed a new computer system to enable us to run our insurance software.  Some things did not go quite to plan on the day, but this was remedied very quickly. I think it’s not how good a company is, it’s how good they are in times of a real crisis. I was impressed how this was handled, and as a result, we took out a maintenance agreement with them, so if we have any issues, we can call them and get them fixed quickly.

They have a wealth of IT knowledge, spanning over many years. They do not use “jargon” and are very approachable. Although they are not based in our immediate area, this has never effected the level of support we have needed. A lot of issues are now carried out by dialing on to our system, but if a visit to our office is required, they will be there. 

We would not consider moving to a different supplier as they have become our trusted IT advisor and we have built up a long standing relationship over the years. They have seen our business grow, and have advised us on security issues, which are essential in order to protect the day to day running of our business. They have an easy-going way and make all of our staff feel at ease; nobody feels they have asked a “silly” question. Customer service means a lot to them.

When the Government announced that everyone, where possible, needed to work from home due to the global pandemic, The IT Men got this sorted swiftly so it had the minimum impact on our business. We needed some new laptops and a monitor for some staff to be able to do this, which we received quickly. The laptops had already been set up by The IT Men, so we could just connect to our system when we received them.

In my opinion, The IT Men do an excellent job as they are reliable and approachable,  and we are happy to continue to have them working alongside us.

Mr Paul Berry
BWA Commercial
Tel 01527 853500

It is reassuring to find a company that understands both our business and IT requirements

For the last 9 years we have enjoyed the personal services of The IT Men as our IT support provider.   

It is reassuring to find a company that understands both our business and IT requirements and can deliver this in a professional and human way.

Jonathan Merritt, Director
Merritt Insurance Services Ltd
0207 627 4299

I got a complete, up and running system that was ready to use.

I know Richard and Pam through a networking group that we both belonged to.  I knew from our conversations over a couple of years how seriously they take their customer care and was confident that they would look after me.

I was confident that the advice and guidance they offered would be frank and honest.  I like doing business with people who are straight forward and that is what you get with the IT Men.

It is so reassuring to know that my IT needs are in safe hands. I do not have to worry at all about this side of my business.  I know that I can give the IT Men a call if I have any issues and they will do their best to sort the problem out!

The IT Men took care of my IT set up from start to finish so I got a complete, up and running system that was ready to use.  I did not have to spend any time pffaffing about, getting frustrated or struggling to work out what to do.

I would (and do!) recommend IT Men to others who are in need of IT support.  Their service is outstanding and you get exactly what was promised!

Suzanne Smith
Reconnecting You
07973 305093