Prevention is better than a Cure!

Protection of your system should be paramount! 

Are you backing up your system?

Have you tried to restore it lately?

We would recommend:

  • Do a weekly back-up
  • Store this onto a removable hard drive
  • Take it off site
  • Check you can restore your data on a regular basis
  • Why not back up in the cloud?
IT Security

In order to prevent these things happening, there are many things to consider, such as Anti-Virus, Internet Usage and Back-Up for example.

It is important to have anti-virus to protect your system when you are using the Internet on a daily basis.
We are partners with a company called ESET, who have recieved the highest number of awards since may 1998 from the independent Virus Bulletin - VB100. ESET are very advanced at finding virus attacks and also keeping your company data safe. ESET operate a 24/7 Technical Support line for companies who have purchased Anti-virus solutions from them. 

Have you got a reliable anti-virus?

Although all Anti Virus companies take every care, nobody can guarantee 100% that any system is not at risk from a virus attack. The table below is from ESET's website - This is from retrospective and proactive testing of  various anti-virus solution providers compliled by VB100. See how it compares with other anti-virus software providers. 

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Ensure that your PC's are secure by:

  • Please adapt a policy on what sites can and cannot be used
  • Keep internet usage to business matters
  • Make sure that you use password protection on PC's and Wi-Fi (if applicable)
  • Ensure the password has a range of letters and numbers
  • Make certain that any updates that come up onto your computer are completed.

We work with the British Crime Reduction Centre (BCRC) to ensure that we stay abreast of the latest threats.

Have you got a disaster recovery policy?

PLAN A: Get a disaster recovery policy

PLAN B: Test it!

Disaster recovery is vital for all companies. This involves planning for
keeping all aspects of a business functioning in the midst of any disruptive
events. These events could be;

Natural events; earthquakes, flooding or tornados.

Man-made events; hazardous material spills, infrastructure fail, loss or bio-terrorism.

All of these can be prevented by the simple planning and using surveillance to help avoid or lessen the chances of this happening.

Security is always going to be a potential risk no matter how many procedures you put into place, so you should always be prepared.

Think about a disaster recovery plan - the most important part of this should be your Back-Up Procedure!






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