Cloud Computing


Why not put yourself in the cloud?


What is cloud computing?

Anyone who has used email is already working on the cloud!

Cloud computing is a convenient way of working, as it lets you use files and applications over the internet. You can link onto your system in real time to access your networks, servers, storage, applications, and services. You can create, edit and share the documents you use on a daily basis in your business. This requires minimal management as anyone from your company can access your system on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world.

Did you know that most of you have already used cloud without realising?   

The IT Men are authorised Microsoft Cloud Essentials resellers.

How does it work?

Cloud Computing is called an 'online' platform and many different companies are using these. These are all managed by secure data centres, or as some say, online servers. Cloud can help your company in a lot of different ways. Cloud can help you save important things that you need without taking up all that extra space on your PC. You can access this as many times as you want and if there was an accident with your PC, your data is still safe and accessible.


 Office 365

Office 365 enables you to access emails, documents, contacts, and calendars so you're always up-to-date. You can use Office 365 on nearly any device (including PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry). It's business-class security and reliable. It's IT control and efficiency delivered to fit your organization's unique requirements.

Top 10 Benefits:                                                                    

  • Any time anywhere access
  • 99.9% availability
  • Predictable pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Scale up and down according to demand   
  • Enables colaboration with colleagues, clients and customers
  • Exceptional email, collaboration and online meeting solutions
  • Financially-backed guarantee
  • Familiar and straightforward to learn   
  • Enterprise level security                   
  • Can include Office Professional Plus

Try Office 365 for professionals and small businesses for FREE!

This FREE 30 day trial is ideal for organizations with fewer than 25 employees that do not have IT staff or expertise.


Microsoft  Lync                         

Want quicker interaction with your staff or clients?

Microsoft Lync enables you to hold live meetings without leaving the office. You can video conference, make telephone calls, or use instant messaging anytime, anywhere. This software is highly secure and saves you time and money as you do not have to physically go to meet your clients.



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